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Daytona, FL: Doctors baffled after rare condition causes woman to start growing boogers in her vagina

Doctors in Daytona, Florida are at a loss to explain a rare medical phenomenon which has left one local woman with an embarrassing condition involving her vagina.

The woman – who has not been named for privacy reasons – is a 29-year old who is suffering from an unusual condition that causes dried nasal mucus to grow inside her vagina.

The boogers were discovered by her husband when he was engaged in oral sex. “He said to me that he found something odd in my vagina,” the woman told doctors, and she booked an appointment to have it inspected.

The gynecologist involved had never seen anything like it before. “It would appear that the woman’s vagina is secreting a similar strain of mucus to what is normally found in the nasal passages. These secretions eventually dry into what most people refer to as boogers.”

What makes this woman’s case so unique is that the mucus involved is quite different to what is normally found inside the vagina. “It’s almost as if she has a nose inside her reproductive organs,” said the gynecologist.

While the condition is unusual, it is quite harmless, according to medical experts. “The only real issue is that it might make things a bit unpleasant for her husband during sex,” said one doctor, “Although if he likes to eat boogers then it might be a positive.”


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