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Wesley Chapel, FL: Overweight man dies in shower after slipping whilst masturbating and smashing into glass screen

A Wesley Chapel man has died from severe blood loss after an accident involving a masturbation session in the shower ended with him smashing a glass screen, with a shard severing his jugular vein.

Paramedics were called to the man’s property, who has been identified as 43-year old Paul Houston. Neighbors heard a loud smashing sound and a man’s cries for help, but by the time responders arrived he had already died from blood loss.

Mr Houston was reportedly a several obese man weighing over 400 pounds, and investigators have pieced together the final moments of his life. A cell phone in found near his corpse had a browser window open on a pornographic website.

“It would appear that the victim had been masturbating in the shower, as we also found a quantity of semen around the drain,” said one officer involved in the investigation. “It is possible the victim slipped over on the semen and smashed into the glass screen.”

A large shard of glass was found embedded in the victim’s neck, which is believed to have severed his jugular vein. “He would have passed away very quickly,” said the officer. “Based on preliminary forensics, he would have bled out within minutes.”


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