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Baltimore, MD: High on meth, man uses potato peeler to remove the skin from his penis and testicles

A Baltimore man who was suffering from an overdose of meth has suffered severe self-inflicted injuries to his genitals after a hallucination caused him to use a potato peeler to remove his own skin.

Paramedics were called to the man’s property, who has been identified as 43-year old Paul Houston. Neighbors heard a man’s cries for help and called for help. “It didn’t even sound human at first,” said one witness.

The scene when paramedics arrive was one that has been described as ‘absolute devastation’. “I have never seen a man’s genitals completely de-skinned,” said one of the responders. “When we found the blood stained potato peeler nearby I was physically ill.”

Investigators believe the man overdosed on a bad batch of meth, which caused him to suffer terrible hallucinations. “Other victims have reported the drug made them feel like they had ants under their skin, so it seems that the man suffered a similar hallucination.”

After using the potato peeler to remove all the skin from his penis and testicles, the man collapsed due to blood loss and had to receive a blood transfusion to keep him alive. “He’s in a stable but serious condition given the risk of infection,” said one doctor involved in his treatment.


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