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Youngstown, OH: 500-pound woman faces animal abuse charges after forcing Great Dane to have sex with her

A morbidly obese Youngstown, Ohio woman faces animal abuse charges after she forced her pet dog, a Great Dane, to have sexual intercourse with her.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons as investigations continue, allegedly purchased the animal from a local breeder earlier this year. It is unclear how long the sexual abuse lasted, but a neighbor saw her with the dog in her yard and reported it to authorities earlier this week.

“I was doing some gardening when I heard some strange noises from over the fence, so I peered into my neighbor’s yard,” said the witness. “I was shocked to see her on all fours on the ground with her dog pounding into her vagina from behind.”

Investigators believe that the woman forced her dog to perform sexual acts by training him with dog treats and punishing him if he failed to insert his penis. “We found a collection of obscene videos on her phone that show exactly what she did to the poor animal.”

One other investigator added: “It’s quite incredible that the dog is still alive after what she did to him. He has suffered some serious injuries as a result of the woman’s weight crushing him during their sexual encounters.”


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