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Blue Springs, Missouri becomes first US city to permit marriages between siblings

Blue Springs, Missouri has passed a special city ordinance following a petition by thousands of local residents in order to make marriages between siblings legal – making it the first city in the United States to do so.

According to supporters of the amendment, following the legalization of gay marriage it was the next logical step in allowing love to be recognized even between brothers and sisters.

“If you’re going to let two men or two women marry each other, it is completely hypocritical to say that a brother and sister can’t marry,” said one of the supporters, a 43-year old local woman. “I mean, I’m not going to rush out and marry my brother, but there are some cases where siblings fall in love.”

However, the news has not been welcomed by all locals, with some residents forming a protest group to push for the law to be reversed. “This new ordinance is making a joke out of our city,” said one of the opponents. “Marriage between brother and sister is not natural and goes against the teachings of the bible,” said another.

Despite being permitted to marry, any siblings who do tie the knot face a condition that they may not become parents with each other, given the risk of their offspring inheriting serious genetic conditions. They are, however, allowed to have sexual intercourse (providing they use appropriate birth control).

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